About us

Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute - National Research Institute

The Institute of Plant Breeding and Acclimatization was established in 1951. Since 2010 it has had the status of the State Research Institute. The scientific activity of the Institute is conducted in six scientific centres in Poland, whose staff consists of 334 persons, including 120 scientific employees (12 persons holding the title of professor, 10 persons holding the position of professor, 65 adjuncts and 33 assistants):

  • The Institute's headquarters in Radzikowo,
  • Branch of IHAR-PIB - Bonin,           
  • Branch of IHAR-PIB - Bydgoszcz,
  • Branch of IHAR-PIB - Jadwisin,       
  • Branch of IHAR-PIB - Młochów,
  • Branch of IHAR-PIB – Poznań.

The Institute also includes six Experimental Stations operating in different regions of the country:

  • ZD IHAR-PIB Bartążek,
  • ZD IHAR-PIB Bonin,
  • ZD IHAR-PIB Grodkowice,
  • ZD IHAR-PIB Nieżychowice,
  • ZD IHAR-PIB Oleśnica Mała,
  • ZD IHAR-PIB Radzików,

and five Plant Breeding Companies:

  • Plant breeding Smolice,
  • Plant Breeding Strzelce,
  • Potato Breeding Zamarte,
  • Plant breeding Grunwald,
  •  Agro Inserwis.

Within the framework of agreements, the Institute cooperates with 23 institutions from 15 countries, 12 research institutes and 20 universities in Poland, and conducts permanent cooperation with agricultural schools.

The Institute offers research and diagnostic services for breeding companies, industry enterprises and scientific institutions in the following fields:

  • immunity assessment, detection and identification of pathogens,
  • biochemical analyses and quality evaluation of plant products,
  • production of starting materials for breeding by recombination and biotechnological methods,
  • fingerprinting and genomic research,
  • detection and identification of GMOs of crop species in feed production and in the food industry,
  • providing opinions and consulting services on grassland surface quality,
  • agro technical and functional assessment of the value of cultivars of cultivated plants.

The Institute organizes or co-organizes many national conferences, related to the breeding of cultivated plants:

  • “Oil plants",
  • "Seed and Potato Protection",
  • "Science for the breeding and seeding of crops",
  • “Science in agricultural advisory",
  • “Genetic resources characterisation for plant breeding",
  • "Young scientist's day",
  • and numerous training courses.